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#travelling #photography #thought #guitar
Ancol The Sunset
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This is my sunset photos collection taken at Ancol beach. I used my old Canon 400D (such a cheap gear, but still yet powerful).

Fig. A: Ancol - The Sunset

Taking this photo by the beach, it was all about finding the best place and angle, and the stuff every photographers must have for a long exposure photography, a tripod. This photo took 5 seconds at f22 ISO100. It was too bad there were too many dirts around my spot. Thanks to the gorgeous afternoon sky scattering sirrocumulus cloud.

Fig. B: Ancol - The Sunset 2

This is another sunset photo with the same spot with longer exposure (10 seconds). Here is a link of long exposure photography lesson if you want to learn more.

Fig. C: Le Bridge - a Restaurant by the beach

The restaurant is located not far away from the beach. This photo took 10 seconds at f22 ISO 100.

Fig. D: Le Bridge - a backlighting photo

This is the same restaurant from different view. The light behind the top of the dome showed a wonderful backlight scene. You have to search the right spot to get a nice backlight photo.