It was frosty morning when i stopped by for a while at Hongkong International Airport, before taking the next flight to Shanghai. As always, i took my old Canon gear, Canon EOS 400D with kit lens and 50mm 1.8 II "Robocop" fix lens. That "Robocop" nickname came from it's sound while focusing on object, that sounds like Robocop's screeching sound coming out from his mechanical joints.

Fig. A: Frosty morning in HKIA

You will never get lost in this airport, unless you already are :p This airport is crazy. We will have to take the train to move from one terminal to another.

Fig. B: Signs

If the boredom find you, you're helpless, unless you are easily pleased by simple things like i am :). That time, i was interested in jetplane's loading activity. (You can guess how boring people i am, a man who's interested in a loading activity? :p)

Fig. C: Jetplane's loading activity

Fig. D: Jetplane's loading activity

Something salient attracted me when i was goofing around at this airport. This airport had a very long trunk-looked moving-walk elevator with exhilarating roof on top of it. If you know the best angle, the picture you shoot will be very great (Fig. E)

Fig. E: Moving Walk Elevator

You can see how angle could take an important role in this picture (Fig. F)

Fig. F: Perspective

This is the common view we see at any airport. I didn't want to push my self hard to be an anti-mainstreamer, so i shoot one :) (Fig G).

Fig. G: Ads