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Oriental Pearl Tower
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Located in Pudong Park, Shanghai, The Oriental Pearl Tower creates a picture of 'twin dragons playing with pearls'. That's what the tour guide said to me, even though i didn't see any dragon at all. Anyway, the entire scene was amazing :)

Fig. A: Oriental Pearl Tower

This 468 meters high tower is the world's sixth highest building in the world, at least that's what the brochure said. But they might be true, i kept showing my jaw-broken face starring at this alien-like building.

Fig. B: The View from the inside

So here's what i saw from the inside. Thanks to the good timing, the sun is about to set, and the purple horizon looked amazing. I bet this picture matches well with Yahoo logo :D

Fig. C: A Revolving Restaurant

Another surprise was, a super fancy restaurant, and yes, it was a revolving restaurant ! I didn't realize it until i saw that the view i had was different than the one i had seen 15 minutes before!

The Interior Design in the revolving restaurant was arranged in western style, while the food was dominated by eastern style. I'm not good at describing good food, so here are some of the pictures i took.

Fig. D: East (The Food) meet West (The Interior Design)

Fig. E: Another Angle

Fig. G: The chef with some artistic installations all around the place

You can find some of artistic installations all around the place, it felt like having a dinner in the middle of Chinese Ancient Museum.

Fig. H: Cool Stuff

I was maximizing the power of my bokeh lens (Canon F/1.8 II 50mm Lens), even though taking picture using that kind of lens in the crowd place is quite hard.

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