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#travelling #photography #thought #guitar
Another Picture Taking Day
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It was just another picture taking day on the beach, strolling around and simply pushing the shutter button. I took these photos at Parangtritis and Pelabuhan Ratu. I used my old gear Canon 400D and Canon EF 50mm F1.8 II lens.


Fig. A: Parangtritis Pedicab

Waiting for the best moment is one of many success factors to get the best photo. I waited for 2 hours under the hot and sweaty weather and another 10 failed photos to take this photo. Well, It's worth the wait :).

Fig. B: Parangtritis Pedicab 2

This is another photo taken at the golden time (the time when the sun is about to set/rise). I was amazed by the mystic fog, and the way the pedicab broke through the tide.


Fig. C: The boys of The Pelabuhan Ratu Beach

In the cold morning at the Pelabuhan Ratu beach, i found some boys are enjoying their time playing football. As long as you set the speed at 1/50 or faster, there can't be any problem taking this photo. I have some experiences taking photo at 1/35 or slower, and all i got is blurry pictures.

Fig. D: The boys of The Pelabuhan Ratu Beach 2

Under the joy of the morning sun, their expression was Priceless :)