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#travelling #photography #thought #guitar
Situ Gunung
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I took these long exposure photos at Situ Gunung, West Java. I used 20 seconds shutter speed with 4-stops ND (Neutral Density) lens filter, along with my old Canon 400D camera. The challenge of taking these photos was getting the best angle by putting myself at the center of the river with a very strong currents, and i was not protecting my camera with water-proof condom at all. Once you drop it, poof!!!, your camera is gone.


Fig. A: Situ Gunung 1

I'd got to fight against the cold water in the middle of the river to take this photo. This photo session took time about 30 minutes with 4 failed photos.

Fig. B: Situ Gunung 2

This was an easier photo session, taking place at the bank of the river.

Fig. C: Situ Gunung 3

Among all the object around me, there I found a POI (Point of Interest). A dead wood in the middle of the river. For you who don't know what a POI is, it is an object that become the main interest in your photo.