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#travelling #photography #thought #guitar
Campuhan Ridge Walk
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Campuhan Hill is one out of many places you can visit in Ubud, Bali. It's a hill with a ridge walk crossing at the middle with many rice fields further along the walk. I decided to take my pre-wedding photo shoot there, and all i knew about pre-wedding was, bring the best wedding dress you have, and make a good shot. Well, i didn't knew that we needed to walk 500 meters to reach this place, in wedding dress ! (no dressing room available)

Fig. A: The Ridge Walk

We never knew that this place is a good place for jogging, and dog walking ! We bumped into some dog walkers, and talked to one of them. So here it is, a pre wedding photo, with dog :)

Fig. B: Dog Walker Wannabe :)

We started the photo session with many people smiling at us, with some of them saying congratulations :). Our photographers knew well the place, so they didn't spend much time setting their gear up.

Fig. C: Photo Session

At the end of the ridge walk, there was a big tree. The photographers told me that this place would make a really good picture. So here it is.

Fig. C: Photo Session

Once we finished the photo session, we found an interesting spot, an abandoned bridge. It is located near the parking area where we parked our car. We tried taking some photos, with different dress.

Fig. D: Abandoned Bridge Session

Fig. E: Abandoned Bridge Session 2

That's all folks :)